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​​Life Mastermind Academy
Make a difference in people's lives as a Life Coach

Live your Passion, Become a life coach 

"We rise by lifting others" 

Help your clients find their true purpose, get clarity on what it is that they want to experience in their lives, teach your clients how to design their lifes blueprint and

begin to create a roadmap to wealth and true inner peace.

Ask yourself 

*Do you really want to make a difference in peoples lives? 

*Is this something you feel passionate about doing?

*Do you love helping others become more positive?

*Do you feel something inside of you wanting you to help others?

*If you answered yes to any one of these questions then your purpose is to become a Life Coach!! 

Special Bonuses when you purchase our Master Certified Life Coaching Course
* We give our graduated students their first coaching client to get them started 

 * We provide Free on the job training to our graduate students 

* Complete the online course in 3-weeks and become a Master Certified Life Coach 

* We hire our top students 

*  We have a live support team to help you through the course. 

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Life Coaching Certification & Training

Become a Master Life Coaching and share your passion with others.

ENROLL TODAY & Get EACH Level for $998

1. Coaching contracts 
2. Guide to finding your clients
3. Tips on how to start your own coaching business
4. Help setting up your website


Monthly payment plan only $249 per month to become "Master Certified life & Wellness coach" 

Starting getting paid $110 an hour as a Life and Wellness Coach

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Learn when and where you want
Because our course is 100% online, you can complete our life coaching certification wherever you are most comfortable, and when it best fits into your life's schedule.
Finish the program at your own pace
Fourteen modules are all that stands between you and your new or expanded life coaching career. And these modules can be completed in as little as 3 weeks to 6 months!
LMA course is recognized worldwide
With more than 10,000 wellness professionals in over 80 countries, the LMA Life Mastermind Coaching Certification course is recognized and accredited worldwide.
Did you know you could become a Certified Master Life Coaches in as little a
Welcome to Life Mastermind Academy!
Our Courses
Life Mastermind Academy is for those who are looking for one of the best and most extensive training ever developed. We encourage you to step forward into your highest purpose and potential. We would be very happy to have you be part of the program. Grow yourself and your positive contribution, with self-development ideas that expand your perspective, purpose, and passion. 

  • Do you know your purpose is to help others discover their hopes and dreams?
  • Do you have a desire to help others create a life they love living?
  • Is your deepest longing to make the world a better place by living your purpose as a life coach?

Then we have great news for you. You're in the right place!

We currently offer our Life Master Mind Level 1-2-3 
Become the master of your own life course.

You can choose to take each level separately or the entire course at one-time!

This price can change at any time. 
Levels 1 2 3- Complete course $2994
Level 1 $998
Level 2 $998
Level 3 $998

Regular price $4,200 
NOW $2994 for all 3-levels 

Don't live your life in default mode, create your own path, and further your abilities so you can master your own life. 

You will be given the entire Life coaching system to be able to coach your clients in any area of their lives after doing all 3 levels of this course.
Begin your life journey, become a master of your own life. 

Help your clients find their true purpose, get clarity on what it is they want to experience in their lives, teach your clients how to design their life's blueprint and begin to create a roadmap to wealth and true inner peace.  $998

Learn the true meaning of life! 

Help your clients get in touch with their higher self and truth, teach them how to attract everything they want to have and achieve. Teach them the art of manifestation. $1601

Learning the mastery of your life 

You would have by now learned all of the 12 life-changing steps to become the Master of your own life and your client's lives. With our Levels 1-2-3, you will have all the tools and universal secrets to master yourself further and your client's lives. You will help your clients to create their life and not be living it by default. You will have the power and knowledge to help your clients achieve everything they desire. 

LEVELS 1 2 3
Complete Course $2,991
Life Coaching 360 Education

Gain the confidence you need to become a life coach and start helping your clients with our comprehensive curriculum in health and wellness.
Core Coaching Curriculum

Learn how to create lasting change in the lives of your clients so that they can be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.
Business Breakthrough Syste

Get cutting-edge business training and support so you can inspire and encourage even more people to embark on their personal journeys of wellness.
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Whether you’re already trained as a coach or a professional and you’d like to learn how to grow your business, or are just beginning your journey to becoming a life coach, our certification course is the most effective way take your vision to the next level. Simply fill out the form below to pre-register for our Life Coaching Training Program or your can choose to Enroll today by clicking the button below!
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