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​​Life Mastermind Academy
About Life Mastermind Academy
This is one of the fundamental beliefs we hold here at the Life Mastermind Academy. If your dream is to become a life coach and help others to achieve their dreams and teach spiritual principles for transformation… then you are in the right place!

Life Mastermind Academy is the premiere training center for transformational life coaching. Every day we train and certify coaches from all around the world to become difference-makers on the planet.

Our Life Coaching Courses Include:

The essential elements to becoming a life coach

Over 30 exercises and tools 

Who is your ideal client

How to help your clients build their dreams and find their purpose in life.

Graduated, Forgiveness and how to use their intuition 

How to answer commonly asked questions within your practice
Client intake forms
Create your ideal client 

How to increase self-confidence 
Certificate life coach.
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Whether you’re already trained as a coach or professional and you’d like to learn how to grow your business, or are just beginning your journey to becoming a coach, our certification program is the most effective way take your vision to the next level. Simply fill out the form below to pre-register for our Life Coaching Training Program.
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Meet Michelle Lee

I started in the self-development and coaching industry over 10 years ago.

Currently, I have taken over $100,000 in self-development and coaching courses. I'm currently writing my first novel called "Life's Blueprint" that will share a detailed blueprint of how to live a purposeful, rebalanced, and recharged life.

I've been teaching life coaching for the past 6 years, I also run and teach all my therapy and coaching through Zen Wellness Retreats .

I will be developing my mastermind life coaching program within the next year along with an additional book on life coaching. 

I would like to also share with you my personal story and near death experience.

I grew up a poor girl living with my stepfather, my mother left our family when I was nine years. I was an only child and suffered from severe panic and anxiety attacks, where I couldn't even go to sleep at night. Through spiritual healing and my faith, I taught myself how to overcome anxiety and my panic attacks.

I was also involved in a horrific car accident, my car hit a boulder while going 130 km an hour and flipped in the air upside down and landed upside down while the car had caught on fire. Besides a little bit of memory loss, I walked out of that accident without even one scratch.