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​​Life Mastermind Academy
Fequently Asked Questions
What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a process of helping a client identify their personal as well as professional goals, then life coaches guide their clients as they achieve the vision they’ve created for their life.

Many life coaching certification training is limited to simply asking questions with their clients. However, Life Mastermind Academy expands this to include guiding clients toward the vision of their best life, as well as supporting clients in crossing the “gap of results” into the life they would love to be living.

How can I become a Certified Life Coach?

Your choice to become a Certified Life Coach is a very important decision and one that we take seriously. Space in our programs is limited, so you can choose to pre-register or you can enroll right from our website at any time!

What if I can't study at specific times?

Don't worry we have specialized our training program so you can study at your own pace, so no having to log in at certain times, you can simply log on when you have the time!

Do I keep what I earn?

Yes, you keep every cent. We take no percentages from any of our coaches, and we never will.
Need More Information?
Whether you’re already trained as a coach or professional and you’d like to learn how to grow your business, or are just beginning your journey to becoming a coach, our certification program is the most effective way take your vision to the next level. Simply fill out the form below to pre-register for our Life Coaching Training Program.
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